Simon J. Anderson helps leaders and organizations be more Future Ready.  

He has shared his compelling message with thousands of senior executives and other leaders in a variety of industries from coast to coast in the United States and internationally.

The world is changing faster than ever, and every industry is being transformed by emerging trends and technologies. Find out how Simon can help you spot the opportunities created by all this change before they become challenges.

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“Simon’s presentation was insightful and eye-opening. He gave our Board of Directors and our Management Team a lot to think about throughout our strategic planning process. I highly recommend him.”

Edward F. Manzi, Jr., Chairman & CEO, Fidelity Bank

“Simon is the brightest young futurist I know. I rely heavily on his outstanding ability to identify significant emerging technologies and trends, and have come to depend upon his keen understanding of how these trends will affect business in the future. As my reverse-mentor, his contributions and insights have proven invaluable.”

Jack Uldrich – Acclaimed futurist, keynote speaker & best-selling author

“Simon Anderson was a keynote speaker for the 2016 annual Midwest Fall Educational Conference for the ISM (Institute for Supply Management). Simon gave an eye-opening presentation that allowed us to look at near-future trends that will impact our profession across all industries. He was engaging, entertaining and provided actions that we all can use to be more future resilient!”

Daniel S. Feder, ISM Board Member

Foresight 20/20 - Updated & Expanded!

Winner of the 2014 Bellwether Award, Foresight 20/20 takes readers into the future with more than ten different scenarios, illustrating the rapid changes happening in areas as diverse as energy and health care by the year 2020.

In Foresight 20/20, professional futurists and business forecasters Jack Uldrich and Simon Anderson have developed eleven scenarios designed to aid the reader in understanding how a variety of technological trends are transforming the world of tomorrow. The trends are exciting and scary, positive and negative, prosaic and profound, and will impact both one’s personal and professional life. As Cervantes said centuries ago, ”Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory.” Foresight 20/20 goes one step further and not only prepares the reader for victory but also instills the confidence necessary to create tomorrow’s victories.

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