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beyond ResilienT

Learn how to be Future Ready


EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES: Trends Transforming [Your Industry]

Join Futurist Simon Anderson as he takes an eye-opening look at the future of your industry in a fast-changing world. This customized presentation identifies key emerging trends and technologies that could impact your industry, provides insights on important industry advancements, and offers new approaches to navigating the challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities created by rapid change. Industry leaders will learn Anderson’s proven "Five Actions for the Future" that they can start taking right away to make their teams and organizations future ready.

  • Learn about  technologies transforming your industry.
  • Become equipped to recognize challenges and opportunities at the “edges” while there is still time to do something about it.
  • Understand how to use foresight to stay relevant and increase your organization’s competitiveness and success.
Beyond Resilient: How to BeCOME Future Ready in a World of Constant Change

Today's rapidly evolving business environment requires more than resilience to remain competitive and achieve long-term success. Simon’s transformative insights will help you and your organization become “Future Ready.” This isn't just about bouncing back from new challenges; it's about proactively using foresight tools and practices to identify and capitalize on the opportunities that change creates. Simon's three-step Future Ready Formula™ provides you with the mindset, core skills, and specific actions you can use right away to excel in our ever-changing world.

  • Discover how to move from a reactive to a proactive approach to rapid change.
  • Start “Thinking like a Futurist” to identify emerging challenges and opportunities.
  • Learn Five Future Ready actions you can start taking right away to move beyond resilient to be successful in the future.

Where, when, and how we work is being reshaped by emerging technologies and trends. The pandemic fast-forwarded many of these changes and reset expectations for how work is defined and measured. New AI-tools like ChatGPT are further accelerating digital transformation. With so much change, the employee experience is more important than ever to attracting and retaining workers. Recognizing that what made us successful in the past may not help us continue that success into the future can help business leaders thrive during constant change.

  • Learn about the technologies transforming the future of work.
  • New tools and resources to improve the workplace
  • Identify specific actions you can start taking right away to adapt and thrive in our new business environment.


“Thank you so much for presenting as a keynote speaker at the Executive MBA Council meeting in Seattle. Your session garnered rave reviews - everyone to whom I spoke commented on the depth of your analysis and the thought you put in to relate to our industry's drivers. I walked away with a great deal to think about personally, and I've shared your insights with my team, along with the challenge for us to be more future-focused and future resilient.”

Jamie Breen - Assistant Dean, MBA Programs for Working Professionals, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

“Simon delivered an informative and engaging keynote session on “Change is Coming – Understanding Relevant Emerging Technologies and Trends” at our 2017 Growth Conference in Naples, Florida for our architecture and engineering attendees. He discussed 7 major themes that will impact our society and did a great job of relating specific technological advancements in the building, design and construction space, which was well received. Highly recommend for other conferences and events!”

Steve Gido -  Principal, ROG Partners

I have heard a ton of positive feedback on the speakers and EVERYBODY was talking about “the futurist!”

Dan Feder - ISM Board Member

“Simon’s presentation was insightful and eye-opening. He gave our Board of Directors and our Management Team a lot to think about throughout our strategic planning process. I highly recommend him.”

Edward F. Manzi, Jr. -  Chairman & CEO, Fidelity Bank



signature keynote

Open or close your event will a powerful and engaging presentation - your group will be talking about this for a long time!

  • 45-90 Minutes
  • Customized for your audience
  • Includes Future- Ready actions that your audience can take right away 

applied workshop

Apply the lessons from the keynote to real-world problems that your region or organization is facing. 

  • 90 minutes - half-day
  • Customized for your group
  • Interactive and actionable
  • Learn how to think about change like a Futurist

executive / board

Take your leadership to the next level with foresight tools and practices

  • Flexible offerings, from a single meeting to "Futurist-on-demand" 
  • Helps leaders see what they're not seeing and escape the industry echo chamber