Navigating Within a New Economic Future: How to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World

Through this course and related exercises, you will learn the skills and framework to be able to design a future ready work plan for taking the next steps to implement in your community or region.


Welcome to Navigating Within a New Economic Future! This introduction video will discuss what you will learn in this course and help you determine if it's the right course for you. Let's get started!

Module 1: Economic Development Past, Present, and Emerging Future

Where we were, where we are, where we're going in economic development

Module 2: Future Ready Formula - 3A Thinking

Attention, Anticipation, and Action

Module 2 Worksheet: Applying the future ready formula

MODULE 3: Framework for navigating within a new economic future

Module 3: Worksheets

MoDULE 4: Applying 3a thinking - Industry examples

MODULE 5: Working in the FUTURE

Module 6: Five ACTIONS

Module 7: Putting it all together

module 7: Worksheets